Anther Sunday ride.

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Anther Sunday ride.

Post  Zukidave on Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:03 pm

Met up with Eric then hooked with a couple more bike's
for a nice ride in the wonderfull Texas heat.

We left out around 8:00 am and headed to Blanco Tx.
about an hour or so ride then hit the bowling ally there
for biscuit's and gravy. (Worth the ride.)
Blanco's a nice little country town.

Leaving there we head for Luckenbach Tx. about 45 min. ride.

This get's real greasey at 100 + degress.

Shady road's are nice.

pullin in to Luckenbach about 11:30 and we're to early
to buy beer so in the cooler we go till 12:00.

Poser shot in front of the post office/genaral store.

Cool Ducati.

Clean RC30.

Real nice ride right there.

Left Luckenbach and rode about 100 mile's and by
this time it was about 105 degree's and the heat
was jackin with the camara. Time for a beer break.

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