Pulled pork.

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Pulled pork. Empty Pulled pork.

Post  Zukidave on Sun Jul 13, 2014 11:28 am

So had to fix the A/C in the G/F's car yesterday that ment replacing the condenser and the rad. core support to fix some crash damage and damn was it hot out.
In the shade with the fan blowin.
Pulled pork. 004_zps4b08d5fa
Pulled pork. 008_zps6f62b2b3
Out in the driveway.
Pulled pork. 010_zps1b677a9a
Whlie doing that fired the smoker for some
pulled pork sammie's.
Pulled pork. 001_zps4dea0b03

90 sami 1.3 efi, spoa, 5-1 t-case, locked rear on 31" ltb's.
87 sami buggy 1.3, 6.5-1 t-case, waggy 44's, locked, 5.38's on 36 irox.

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